Stackr Inc. is a professional software development company mainly focusing on computer programming. Our company is comprised of the best members, who have maintained the best teamwork from 3 to 10 years, and they are all proud of their work as programers. Our expertise is in almost all aspects of programming but currently we're focusing on the web and mobile. With the sales of the product Beacon, we entered the field of hardware, and we're building the know-how to develop Embedded. We hope to get a lot of attention from you.

Open Source CMS:

WordPress and Drupal are used the most around the world. Drupal is used a lot in public institutions as with the world trend. WordPress is also very popular in Korea. Especially, after the Seoul Metropolitan Government introduced WordPress, it is used a lot in public institutions such as GyeongGi-Do Provincial Office, KHNP, etc. and the use of it in some private large enterprise is greatly increasing. We've been developing Open CMS for more than 12 years. If you consult with us when building a website using CMS, we will definitely support you in order to get the best result.